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An interview with Maurizio Mercuri
by Guido Molinari

Guido.Molinari. - What's your mood when you create a work?
MaurizioMercuri - For the creative process it is important to get away from one's mood, certainly I feel happy afterwards
G.M. - Do you ever regret afterwards?
M.M. - Can I regret answering this question?
G.M. - What time of the day do you work better? M.M. - From one to eight in the morning, when I sleep well.
G.M. - Have you ever had to give up an 'object trouvé' that attracted you but you couldn't take away with you?
M.M. - I can't forget a big Philips reel recorder left near Porta Portese in Rome
G.M. - What words or terms do you hate the most or are you annoyed by?
M.M. - Words that suggest disagreeable or painful sensations such as anchovies pizza or "spaghetti allo scoglio" (spaghetti with clams, mussels, shrimps,..)
G.M. - Do you follow a particular diet?
M.M. - To avoid drowsiness, intellectual heaviness, lack of lucidity, I eat little food, but often. I have a lot of snacks and drink tisanes that I prepare with herbs I pick up when I go for my walks in the Appennines. Some time ago, following the suggestion of a trombonist friend of mine, I tried to make yoghurt. I built a fermenter using a bulb put in the box of a cd player disassembled from a found computer. It turned out very well, I started making it every week and I keep on making it. When I can I use sheep milk that I buy from a shepherd friend.



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