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A talk with Morris Mercuri

WHITEHOUSE is Luca Rossi's contemporary art blog.Last winter Luca Rossi, a fictious name behind which the identity of one or more italian bloggers is hidden, contacted Morris Mercuri via Facebook and so began an interesting exchange of opinions.
Here the original italian text

Morris Mercuri: Hello Luke. I  feel much honoured by your request of friendship on FB, but I'd like to be anonymous as you are, how can I do?

I hope you won't hold it against me...

I'll think it over congratulations on the blog.

Luca Rossi: Hello Morris, it's me who is  honoured. Anonymity is beautiful with beautiful names.

Mine is really ugly (perhaps because it is authentic). Now that you' ve written to me, I feel like asking you some questions. I'd like to know what you do during the day and what “forms” you work is taking. I hope you will accept.

MM: I think that your  anonymity makes you work more intriguing, as if you were “the masked man” or “Paperinik”. As to my work, I'll answer you will pleasure... Actually I don't know where to start from...I'll put everything off to this evening, so I can collect some ideas.

In the morning, when I wake up, i feel the need to tide up and make room. My house is big enough but it is difficult for me to find empty spaces to start up the projects that grow in my mind overnight.

I have about ten tables full of  “works not much in progress. Some works have been there for years and I'm inclined to start always new ones...I can't give up anything. I've a room I like very much where I always find some things, but I don't remember where I got them (second-hand market effect). Most of them are technological junks that I've been piling up for 30 years, curious objects, photos, books, cuttings and various recyclable material. In these last years natural things such as branches, roots, dried fruts, herbs, mushroms have been gaining space...Anyhow all this activity is mostly free from practical aims and I avoid finding a definition, after all every now and then I find interesting connections, unaware linguistic objects which are close to the idea of a work...




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