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Your work ranges from sign to painting, from thre combination of objects to the installation, from performances to videos. And it shows that it is not contiotioneted by styles. Even if some affinities with some movements of the neo-avant-guarde can be traced, an independence from conventional rules prevails in the essence of his work.
It is not easy (and not even necessary) to avoid critical classifications, since even outsider is anyway, a category. My work is an idea where the mind and the reality build images in order to reflect on someting that we already know. I like combining different media according to my inclinations and to what the project require. The initial idea for a work of art can be found in an apparently banal object. A new material is already a starting point.Now , for instance, I am preparing a work for the web,a stimulating means, using audiovisual aids. It will be on-line in ashort time.
I see that you practise art freely as if you were playng, with the pleasure of one who spends is spare time with passion, transforming a hobby into a non professional trade.

The realization of a work is the fruit of a union between tension and passtime. For example, the video where I skin my hands after spreading them with Vinavil, refers to the things you do at scool wen you are at the last lesson, sitting on the bottom row....but the idea of the body make the performance a little more dramatic.
Instead of exploiting your academic training, you give yourself up to the spontaneity of the creative act, though associating it to analysis.
I use the principle of the partecipating observation: beingde-constructive as to the communicative mecanism, comparing words and objects till one loses the traces of the significance.



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