maurizio mercuri
lives in a little village in the Marche region. In his country studio he keeps technological finds and various materials that he gathers during his journeys of discovery. They become the raw materials and inspiration for his artwork-collection. Some critics have described his work as the fruit of a lyricism that meets with reality. Indeed, it involves everyday objects that are processed and presented in absurd, disorientating situations. he is interested in creating a union of tension and pastime, where everyday materials and images build a parallel world filled with the natural and the artificial. The creation of each of his pieces could be described as the final consequence of a creative, recreational process, a magnetic mix of words and things, tension and pleasure, where normal mental paths are diverted in unexpected directions of sense.
Maurizio Mercuri's works develop in an atmosphere where the lightness of the combinations and the meanings suggested by every single part offer an unusual result. Stimulating the activation of the unforeseen connections in our system of filing reality, new unespected ambits of sense open up on the horizon.The artist subtly confronts the dimension of art with that of life shortcircuiting the information we already possess.
In Mercuri's works "imagination in power", dreamed of by the youth dissent in the sixties, is realized in the private, subjective field, as a strategy to escape from homologation, from the alienating dimension of work, from the pressures we are subjected to in our social relactions.

In these last years I have chosen to realize remote artworks.
Without moving from San Donato, my hometown, I take part in exhibitions asking the organizers to realize the artwork following my instructions. I consider this a stimulating , operating modality responding to the need of reaching an immaterial dimension even without renouncing the physicalness of things.
From an ethno-anthropological point of view I think that the remote action is the magical action par excellence. In a context where the artist presence is felt as more and more central, I have preferred to underline his absence thus highlighthing the artwork.
Maurizio Mercuri

This website is outdated, in this time Mr. Mercuri is very busy.


Mercuri Molinari book Maretti Contemporary Art The 20% of the causes provoke the 80% of the effects
Il 20% delle cause provoca l'80% degli effetti

Book by Maurizio Mercuri & Guido Molinari